Matt clings to the hope that he and Chalkie can talk their way out of trouble.

Radio Times: Matt gets a glimmer of hope.

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  • David is on the scrounge at Bridge Farm and gets an update on the missing boar – still missing, though Tom has been out looking since first light. Tony and Pat were impressed by the waste disposal lagoons they saw yesterday and will be contacting the designer.
  • Pat is trying to organise some Jack-minding so that Peggy can have her hair done but Lilian doesn’t seem quite ‘with it’. She pleads that she might be coming down with whatever Matt has had and ought not to risk passing it to Jack. Just than Matt blunders in – looking remarkably healthy and doing a DIY job. Lilian tries to get him to ring Russell but he still won’t, though he has yet to make contact with Chalkie.
  • In The Bull, Eddie and Joe are trying to use the internet to translate the ingredients list on the chocolate Eddie has been selling.
  • Matt’s DIY is not going well. He won’t ring Tom. He has spoken to Chalkie’s PA who promises that Chalkie will ring him tomorrow – or Friday. Lilian thinks Chalkie is playing for time and probably talking to the SFO. Matt still won’t do that; he still thinks that there is a way out.

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