Tom and Tony are worried about Helen but Pat thinks they are being sexist. Kath tells Jamie she isn’t going to marry Kenton.

Radio Times: Kathy’s the bearer of bad tidings.

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  • Bridge Farm is getting ready for Christmas but Helen isn’t going to be around to help with the tree. She’s still out with some “mates”. Tom isn’t impressed.
  • Ruth is very nervous about Pip’s solo at the carol service but it works out well. She tells Usha that it does seem as if she and David maybe making a bit of progress. At least if the kids will be happy, so will they. It’s just going to take a time.
  • Pat and Tony have to prepare a late order for a local hotel which has run out of salad. Tony takes the opportunity to wonder if Helen really might be going a bit too far. Pat is convinced both he and Tom are being totally sexist about it and she is just letting off steam. Surely it’s better than hiding in her room and not eating.
  • Kathy tells Jamie she isn’t going to marry Kenton. They are happy as they are. Jamie doesn’t mind but he is sworn to secrecy until Kathy tells Jamie after Christmas.
  • Usha and Alan are only doing a couple of hours helping with the homeless this Christmas. They can’t really do more with Mabel staying. Usha is determined to get on with her better this time for Alan’s sake if nothing else.

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