A Happy Christmas looks possible at Brookfield.

Radio Times: David tries to feel festive.

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  • Shopping done, David and Ruth are all set for Christmas – except that they forgot the oranges for the Christingles and time is short.
  • Brian has had an ear-bashing from Lynda about missing the last rehearsal and of course he will miss tonight’s too. Adam is thinking of doing away with the March lambing to take the pressure off, now that they have all the Estate work. Brian has a more radical idea – not lambing at all. Adam disagrees, preferring to keep options open in a time of uncertainty.
  • Kate had so much fun at the wedding and cannot understand why Kenton does not find his picture, now on the internet, at all funny. As they enjoy a family meal, the Aldridges toast the missing members, Lucas and Debbie, and the new member, Ian.
  • David and Ruth offer conflicting explanations about the symbolism of the Christingle; let’s hope Alan makes it clearer. Already late, a crisis is averted when one of Ben’s cocktail sticks goes missing: Josh makes a very sweet gesture, offering his own to his little brother. It makes Ruth comment that, despite the squabbles, they do love each other. Ruth and David share a Christmas kiss before going into church.

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