Tom is being thoroughly “snappy” with everyone; Will can’t see what’s going on in his life; Elizabeth is on Lily’s case.

Radio Times: Emma is at her wits’ end and Tom’s frustrations increase

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  • Tom and Pip are preparing for Open Farm Sunday. It’s eight weeks until the birth of Pip’s baby and it can’t come too soon for her. She asks how Tom’s houseshare is coming along but he’s spared the need to answer by the appearance of William in the lane. She asks if Tom has come across a girl at Young Farmers, as Elizabeth had enquired about her by text. Tom gives Will the lowdown on the events planned for Sunday; he’s sure to attend with his family, including Jake.
  • At the Tea Room, Emma tells Kirsty that she has got no further with Mia, she still won’t say why she’s packed in her football. She just doesn’t want to play and won’t open up to Emma, who feels that she’s failed. She feels that she’ll have to tell Will that she’s failed in her attempt to get to the bottom of things. Elsewhere, Rex delivers a piece of used farm machinery for Sunday’s show. Pip believes that visitors want to see the animals, not a used machine advert. Tom defends Josh rather aggressively but has the decency to apologise before leaving. Pip takes the opportunity to tell Rex how her antenatal classes are going.
  • Emma drops some strawberries off to Will, a sort of apology for not having got to the bottom of Mia’s problem. Will takes it all at face value, Mia’s bored with football and Poppy is causing her to lose sleep at night, end of story. Emma’s not so certain however, there’s more to it than that. William insists that all will be well when the family’s back together again which is why he’s made an appointment in two weeks with his solicitor. He’s not sure that Andrew isn’t causing trouble between him and Mia, just for the sake of it.
  • Tom comments on how good Rex’s pigs are looking. Rex suggests that perhaps Pip was right, after all, the animals may be the main attraction for Sunday. Rex asks if Tom has any idea of Hannah’s favourite drink, she’s been so helpful with thoughts on his pigs. Tom unexpectedly gives him very short shrift. He has absolutely no idea. Meanwhile, Emma meets Kirsty in the shop and reports back on bow her meeting with William went. Or didn’t! Will just can’t see a problem but why can’t he. Mia is desperate to be a “mini Nic” and support Poppy, and Will for that matter. Everyone can see what she’s doing, but it’s just not obvious to Will… and it should be!

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