Kate learns some of the truth about developments at Home Farm and Alistair learns the truth about Shula’s feelings for him.

Radio Times: Shula puts her foot in it. Adam predicts disaster

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  • As Brian and Adam look at the crops in a self-congratulatory fashion, Jennifer joins them and informs Adam smugly that the land agent has a possible buyer for the smaller parcel of land. Jennifer appears to have forgotten all her worries over the farm. Elizabeth arrives just as Brian takes a call from the land agent
  • Ostensibly calling to offer help with Ruth’s party, and managing to compare Will’s situation with her own when Nigel died, Elizabeth broaches the real reason for her visit. Did Jennifer suspect Adam’s sexuality before he told her? Elizabeth claims to have read an article about it, and is interested when Jennifer admits that she did wonder, but such things were never spoken about in those days. She wishes she had done so, because it would have saved Adam difficulty later on. Talk returns to the party; the catering is in hand, so all that remains for Elizabeth is to organise the clearing up afterwards – aided by Shula and Kenton.
  • A nervous Shula calls at the surgery to ask Alistair when he is planning to cook this evening. She will use the kitchen first – it’s only Spag Bol and garlic bread. Oddly that’s just what Alistair is planning, so maybe Shula could leave the oven on for him (does anyone cook Spag Bol in the oven?) Shula thinks it would be sensible if she cooked for them both and Alistair agrees.
  • Fetching Kate from the airport after Kate’s ‘important research trip’ in Arizona, Jennifer is pleased to learn that Kate’s positivity has returned. When Kate learns that the partners’ meeting has taken place without her, however, and that a land sale has been agreed, the positivity quickly evaporates, . And when Kate learns that the ground water decontamination may take until Christmas, she is furious. Sweetly, Jennifer remarks that is just as well her positivity has returned, then.
  • Shula offers Alistair a glass of wine, and regales him with news of Kate’s latest ideas for Spiritual Home. They look up Goat Yoga online and laugh immoderately at the clips. Maybe they should book it for Ruth’s party. Alistair wistfully remarks that he will miss hearing about Shula’s mad family, and tearfully, Shula says she will miss telling him, adding ‘it’s a shame we didn’t….’ Alistair presses her to finish the sentence. Has she had second thoughts? If she is even contemplating changing her mind, Alistair has to ask if she still loves him. No, she replies, and Alistair storms out, telling Shula to spare him her pathetic regrets.
  • An angry Kate storms at Brian; her business will never recover with six more months of disruption. Brian tells her she is jet-lagged, and suggests an early night. Kate agrees, and after she has gone, Adam grimly tells Brian to wait until she hears that the land to be sold adjoins Spiritual Home. Brian will tell her tomorrow, so Adam will give Home Farm a wide berth. Brian is on his own there.

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