Peggy enquires about Christine’s mental state and Elizabeth enquires about Lily’s sexuality

Radio Times: Lily finds herself trapped and Peggy is forced to back down.

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  • Desperate for Cricketers, Harrison rings Lily to ask if she will play at the weekend. Lily claims, somewhat insolently, to be far too busy revising. She waits on The Green with her mother for Freddie to arrive, prior to their meal at The Bull to celebrate Nigel’s birthday. They are joined by Chris, who asks how the A Levels are going. Lily’s are apparently dreadful, while Freddie’s are going well, apparently. Lily plans to make the most of the summer, which leads to some unsubtle innuendo from her twin. Chris comments that she saw Lily with an older man at an art exhibition – Jim thought they were father and daughter. Lily flatly denies being there. Elizabeth, trying to find out what Lily really is up to, launches into musing on the way friendships often become something more. A shocked Chris assures her that she and Jim are just good friends. Lily hastily suggests going for their meal.
  • Harrison calls on Peggy to ask if she thinks Chris is all right. Peggy does, though admits the shock of the scam may still have lingering effects. When Harrison mentions the tea room incident and the forgotten boiler, Peggy quickly reminds him that she has experience of Jack’s Dementia, so would know if Chris showed any signs.
  • Ever more determined to tell Lily that she is comfortable with her’relationship’ with Meredith, Elizabeth attempts to bring LGBT issues into the conversation, but becomes confused by the initials. Freddie continues to add his non-too-subtle comments, causing Lily to insist on getting the bill before Freddie has had a pudding. When they arrive home, Elizabeth makes Lily come into the kitchen for a private talk.
  • When Chris returns, Peggy quizzes her about what she had for breakfast and what they ate the previous evening. Maybe she should see the doctor. Has she been talking to Fallon or Harrison? asks Chris, because if so, Fallon’s obsession with plastic caused the tea room confusion, and Chris is not happy with Peggy talking behind her back. Saying she will finish her meal later, Chris leaves the room angrily.
  • With Freddie giggling behind the closed door, Elizabeth attempts to tell Lily that she is fine about her relationship with Meredith, and tells her how she made mistakes by becoming involved with Robin Fairbrother and Cameron Fraser. But she will always love Lily and will never judge her. Weakly, all Lily can do is say thank you.

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