Tom is targeted by vandals again. Brian doesn’t spare Adam’s feelings.

Radio Times: Adam gets a lesson in progression.

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  • As Brian and Jenny set off for the Point-to Point, Adam tries to pin Brian down to a response to his paper on the future of the farm. Brian says he thinks Adam is being over-cautious, and that they will have to ask Debbie what she thinks. Adam is furious, especially when Brian tells him loftily that he’ll have to re-schedule the delivery of his new furniture because he’ll have to be there to check out a load of grain.
  • At the Point-to-Point, Brenda is upset to see Eddie’s van with a big picture of Ed on it. Oliver has spent the morning driving round looking for him, too. Tom says Pat had to send Clarrie home from the dairy twice because she was so upset. Even Jazzer has joined the search.
  • As Roy enjoys a kick-about in an attempt to escape Lynda’s carping, he meets Adam, who is looking for Ian. Adam winds Roy up about the fitness and skill of the fruit pickers’ team.
  • Just as Tom and Brenda congratulate themselves on a successful day’s trading, Oliver rushes up to tell them he’s just seen Tom’s van with all four tyres slashed. After the paint-spraying incident, Tom’s profits have all disappeared. Brian and Adam offer what help they can, and Tom and Brenda finally make it to the Bull. Brenda is sure it’s all done by the same group, but Tom’s not so sure.

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