Shula sees things from Alistair’s point of view. Oliver tries to see things from Ed’s,

Radio Times: Alistair tells Shula some home truths.

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  • Acting on Caroline’s advice, Shula tries to talk things through with Alistair. At first she’s very defensive, and won’t accept it when Alistair tells her he feels swamped by the Archer clan, who always come first with Shula; but when she realises how hurt he was over being dropped as Brookfield’s vet, and by her attempts to reunite the clan, she begins to see his point.
  • Oliver feels increasingly worried and guilty about Ed. he tries to think what he would do in Ed’s position, but without success. He wishes he hadn’t advised Clarrie against going to the police. Caroline thinks Oliver should keep the dairy project on, to show Ed that he hasn’t lost faith in him. Oliver agrees, and they decide to go and look for Ed. Oliver will get a photograph from Clarrie.
  • Realising at last what Alistair has been going through, Shula tells him she wants their marriage to work. Alistair tells her it can, if they work at it.

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