Caroline does some straight talking. Alistair tries to make amends. Roy has had enough of Lynda.

Radio Times: The search for Ed continues.

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  • Roy is on the receiving end of some barbed comments from Lynda about his managerial abilities. He admits to Caroline that he’s finding it hard to take. He tells her, too, about the police becoming involved in the search for Ed. Caroline’s sympathies are with Clarrie.
  • Still trying hard to rebuild his relationship with Shula, Alistair offers to cook supper. Shula seems pleased, especially when she remembers that Daniel is staying with a friend, but when Alistair tentatively suggests a day out together, Shula loses her temper and reminds him sarcastically that they now have to work even harder to repay a mortgage. Alistair perseveres, suggesting the dawn chorus walk on Bank Holiday Monday, but all he gets is anger and negativity. Shula slams out, leaving Alistair to eat his supper alone.
  • Caroline comes home to warn Oliver that the police may want to question him about Ed, but they’ve already been. Oliver has decided to carry on with the dairy, because he owes it to Mike to make a success of it. But it won’t be the same without Ed.
  • Shula calls on Caroline, and tells her all about Alistair’s gambling debts. Caroline is sympathetic, but doesn’t spare Shula. Why did Alistair seek consolation in gambling? There’s always a reason, and they need to talk about it. It’s up to Shula. At first she is defensive, but then admits Caroline is right.

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