Eddie reports Ed missing. Will thinks he’s under suspicion. David does some parenting.

Radio Times: Eddie accepts the inevitable.

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  • Ruth and David attend Alan’s outdoor Rogation service. Ruth’s decided that she wants to help with the silage harvesting, so David will have to go to Josh’s school assembly on Thursday. Josh thinks it’s a great idea.
  • Clarrie has persuaded Eddie to report Ed missing, and the Ambridge Beat Officer comes to see them. He persuades Eddie to tell him the whole story, which Eddie reluctantly does.
  • Will brings George round to see his grandparents, and PC Fletcher talks to him about Ed. When Will admits they had a fight, he’s made to feel under suspicion, and becomes agitated, though he can account for all his time over the weekend of Ed’s disappearance.
  • Eddie has to sign a permission slip for the police to use the local press to publicise the search for Ed. PC Fletcher wants to see Ed’s room, and to get details of Ed’s bank account and mobile phone. Clarrie is upset, and Eddie promises he’ll do whatever it takes to get Ed back.

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