Clarrie is increasingly desperate to find Ed.

Radio Times: Clarrie reaches breaking point.

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  • Shula calls at Brookfield to collect a sweatshirt left by Daniel when he stayed over the previous night, and is evasive when Ruth asks what she and Alistair did with their child-free evening. Fortunately for Shula, the shearers arrive to interrupt the conversation.
  • Tom and Adam are watching a hind that is due to calve. Adam is sore because Brian hasn’t bothered to read his response to Debbie’s paper on the future of Home Farm.
  • Eddie’s off to deliver a load of compost and drum up some patio business, but Clarrie wants him to come to Borchester with her to look for Ed. Eddie refuses point blank, but when Clarrie becomes hysterical, and tries to unload the compost, he realises just how upset she is about her missing son, and admits that he’s getting worried too. But he can’t go as far as forming a search party; he thinks Ed is deliberately causing them anxiety so that they’ll forget all about the bother with Will and Emma when he does eventually turn up. And if Ed doesn’t want to be found, there’s nothing they can do.
  • Adam calls at Brookfield to check out the new shearers. Ruth tells him they’re really good, so he has nothing to worry about. He and Ian, on the other hand, have much to worry about, having engaged Lilian as their interior design consultant; she has a rather different view of expenditure from theirs.

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