Tom is winning with his sausages but is heading for disaster in love.

Radio Times: There is a mystery to solve at Grange Farm.

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  • Kathy’s car is out of commission, so she is waiting for a lift from Kenton (in Shula’s car, of course). Kenton has got an interview for the casino manager’s job; Caroline and Nigel break off from their business discussion to concur that experience as a casino client seems scant qualification for the job. But to Kenton getting the job is just a formality, so he deems it appropriate to visit Nigel’s wine cellar. The snag is – Mummy still has the key.
  • Oliver seems strangely light on provisions and needs to re-order from Tom at Bridge Farm. While Clarrie helps him load up, Tom explains that he will not be able to take Kirsty out on Friday as planned; he will be too busy on his business plans.
  • At Kenton’s insistence he and Nigel search Julia’s room, although Nigel stops short of rummaging through her drawers. When her footsteps approach they panic and head for the bathroom but so do the footsteps. A fine mess; Nigel vows never to listen to Kenton again. However it is only Kathy, patience exhausted, chasing that lift. Good fortune smiles and the keys are spotted in the bathroom cabinet. This calls for a celebration, so Kathy is dispatched to drive herself home.
  • Caroline and Oliver are reluctant to get up (!) but they are meeting Shula and Alistair for dinner. Oliver’s dressing gown is not where he expects and turns out to have a cork in the pocket – curiouser and curiouser. Also his posh bath lotion seems to have gone down a lot.
  • The Bull is packed when Kathy calls to pick up Jamie. Clarrie explains that it is the new computers and Jolene’s tuition. For once Clarrie finds nothing to complain about: she is planning a holiday with her windfall and all her menfolk are behaving themselves. Kathy cannot say the same! Tom dashes in hoping to see Kirsty but he is too early. He leaves the tickets for Friday’s concert with Clarrie; perhaps Kirsty can take a mate. Dear, dear, all work and no play … Clarrie observes that Chaba is in the pub tonight, as indeed he usually is when Kirsty is behind the bar.

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