Debbie is keen to sever herself from Home Farm, especially from her dad.

Radio Times: Tom is determined to clinch the deal.

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  • It’s Tom’s big day; he is attempting to pull off a sausage deal with a major supermarket chain. The sales pitch is well prepared.
  • Debbie calls at Brookfield and, after a few minutes small talk, comes to the point: she wants to put David in the picture about her plans as she guesses that he might be worried. She stayed in Oxford to check out what was on offer in farm management and consultancy; she also wanted some physical distance from Home Farm to think things through. She no longer has the same kind of commitment, her heart is not in it and she certainly does not want to work so closely with dad. David acknowledges that both the men in her life have betrayed her trust; she is not the least bit interested in being told that Brian is going through hell. David counsels caution: a big decision now, when recent events are so close, might be the wrong one. He begs her to think about it.
  • The economics of sausage marketing are that Tom can expect to sell much more under the supermarket’s own brand name than under the Bridge Farm brand. He would, however, lose control.
  • It seems that Oliver was pleased with the way Ed looked after Grange Farm, although he did ask about some cheese. Does Joe know anything about that? Oh no. Ed is meeting his Dross friends later to discuss a Radio Borsetshire competition but he has seen an advert in the paper for about 3 acres of land for sale – maybe suitable for Baby Spice; it is worth a look.
  • The deal is done. Tom will supply 300 Kg per week to be marketed under the Bridge Farm label. Yes!
  • In the lambing shed Brian tries to carry on as normal and Debbie continues to be ice cold. He has always thought they make a good team!
  • Joe and Ed think the land is just right. It is in Ambridge but a bit off the beaten track; Joe is confident he can talk Ed’s mum and dad round. (Poor Eddie! What chance of a 4 x 4 now?).

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