The Bull Online is up and running. Joe plans to buy a greenhouse.

Radio Times: The Bull is a surfer’s paradise.

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  • Joe’s windfall is burning a hole in his pocket; he and George are at the Garden Centre looking at greenhouses. George recommends that Joe asks Jack before he commits to buying one. Joe has plans to grow something special for the Flower and Produce show.
  • Jennifer complains that she feels beleaguered from all the complaints about the web site. How about getting together to discuss making it into a truly village website. Good idea! Tonight at Home Farm seems to suit those who happened to have met on the Green (and, miraculously, the rest of tonight’s cast who weren’t there).
  • The Bull Online is up and running, from 10am until late. Joe stays long enough to tease George about his lack of web awareness; George is treated to a demonstration by Jolene but having her lean over him is too much for our George. Phew! He excuses himself after making a date for a lesson from Jolene tomorrow.
  • All present are in agreement: a village website is needed for which a committee will have to be organised. Joe is keen to get started using the computers in The Bull; he will of course reclaim the charges (from whom!). Jolene is thinking that there might be other potential paying customers for a beginners internet course.

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