Grange Farm is not quite as Oliver expected; Greg’s bonus is not quite what he expected.

Radio Times: Julia is sticking to her guns.

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  • Kenton has dropped in at Lower Loxley to discuss his ideas for Kathy’s birthday but she is not keen to publicise the fact that it is her 50th. He also confides in Nigel that he has applied for a job as a casino manager; Nigel shares the devastating news that Julia has confiscated the keys to the wine cellar. Kenton cannot resist helping to restore them to the master of the house.
  • Oliver and Caroline have arrived back at Grange Farm after a very successful trip to Rome; Oliver correctly assumes that her luggage should be taken upstairs. The house looks spotless but something is amiss: there is a half empty bottle of port in the fridge and someone has been eating Oliver’s stilton.
  • Brian concedes to Greg that Saturday’s shoot went well, also that he had forgotten the end-of-season bonus. It has been a reasonable year and Greg’s performance will be recognised.
  • Kenton’s plan is not very subtle: distract Julia and rifle through her handbag for the missing keys. It fails.
  • In The Bull, Oliver and Caroline are full of their holiday but Greg seems less than delighted with the cheque Brian hands over. Oliver assures Brian that he can have no idea what it is like to be given a new lease of life with a younger dynamic woman. No but he can perhaps imagine!

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