Brian is shunned by both Debbie and Jennifer, and he “forgets” Greg’s bonus.

Radio Times: Will Brian cough up?

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  • The end of Brian’s stint in the lambing shed comes when Debbie arrives to take over. The handover is performed with the minimum of conversation on Debbie’s part; she is very cool with him and he departs to the Beaters’ Shoot. Jennifer gets a warmer reception but, even to her mother, Debbie reveals nothing of the last week’s events.
  • At the shoot, Mike always gets a kick out of having Brian beat for him. He is envious of the Grundys’ windfall and needs an upturn of luck himself. Meanwhile there is Jennifer’s lunch to look forward to. George feels that Brian looks shocking; perhaps he is ailing. He has not said more than a couple of sentences to Greg all morning.
  • Phil is helping out at Brookfield because Chaba has some time off to go clubbing. His reward will be a pint.
  • In The Bull, Greg is disappointed that Brian has not given him an end-of-season bonus; he was counting on it. He puts it down to retribution for the recent disastrous shoot but Mike thinks that Brian might just have forgotten: he seemed miles away today.
  • Jennifer finds Brian laying the fire in the lounge. Debbie pops in to say a minimal goodbye; if Brian wants news of the lambing he will need to talk to Jack, who is currently on duty. Her parents agree that she looks pale but Brian thinks there is no need to worry about her: she is tough. Brian expects Jennifer to stay with him in the lounge but she is happier to retreat in solitude to the kitchen.

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