Tommy plays it frosty.

Radio Times: Tommy plays it frosty.

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  • Tommy’s still being the unreasonable teenager and would rather spend his birthday with his own friends rather than a family still mourning his brother, but when Tony tries to point out that it’s precisely the fact that his mother wants to try to forget John for a few hours, Tommy apologises and relents, agreeing to a birthday tea.
  • Shula’s preparing for the next stage in her exams for teaching horse-riding, but Daniel’s still playing up with Alistair. Everyone realises it’s just attention-seeking, but nothing seems to help. Hayley’s sure though that he’ll get over having to share his mum with another man eventually.
  • Sid’s trying to dum up trade for his open mike evening, Hayley declines, saying that it’s her father who’s the comedian in her family (note: a nice reference to Lucy Davis, the actress who plays Hayley – the real-life daughter of Bob Davis a.k.a. Jasper Carrot)
  • Tommy’s still not accepting his parents decision. He decides that he’s got enough savings to finance some of the sausage making costs and that Hayley couldn’t give him a better birthday present than to visit their butcher in Birmingham and to get him to go ahead with production.