Over and out.

Radio Times: Over and out.

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  • Sid’s pleased that Kathy is finally using her present – although it seems that he’d almost prefer her not to use it so it would be free for him! But he’s off to the cash and carry to look into widening their range of low calorie drinks, after all his diet/exercise regime has made him a bit of an expert, and people are actually starting to notice his narrowing waistline.
  • Peggy tells Tommy that, having spoken to Pat, she’s decided not to give him a loan. He’s furious, not so much with his grandmother, but with his mother and her attitude to his ideas and the importance she’s placing on Helen’s opinions. Later he confronts Pat and accuses her off stiffling his ambitions – something that she never seemed to do with John. He wants her to stop interfering in his life and that includes the party being arranged for his 18th birthday next week, he doesn’t want to celebrate being an adult with parents who are treating him like a child.
  • Brookfield’s nightmare B&B guests who have been criticising Jill at every turn have been making themselves unpopular at The Bull’s restaurant too. They chastised Jill over the bus timetable which was out of date and inaccurate despite not using the bus and they complained about the breadth of Kathy’s vegetarian menu despite not ordering from it!
  • Sid’s had an idea for Red Nose Day – an open mike session, although Kathy’s not sure how many of their regulars are up to performing stand up comedy, although it seems Robert Snell has got a good line in dirty jokes!
  • Phil and David are at market, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying being able to sell again, as this means not only a bit of cashflow, but alleviation of the overcrowding, lower feed bills and less time in feeding and milking.