Done and dusted.

Radio Times: Done and dusted.

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  • Brookfield has its collective fingers crossed – the day has dawned of the latest, hopefully the last, TB test. While they’re confident of no more reactors they need the vet to give them the all-clear. Nerves abound as he’s checking the herd and David and Ruth are having trouble watching. A moment of panic when the vet calls Phil over, but it turns out only to be him pointing out some warble fly. Eventually, though, the last cow is looked it and passes – the herd is clear, the movement order is lifted and the relief is tangible. Ruth is in tears, even Phil’s whistling!
  • Grange Farm, though, has things to worry about. Clarrie’s worrying about William’s work, Eddie’s concerned about the rent – and he’s not happy with Mike for taking all the Home Farm tractor work. The Lady Day rent is due soon and the coffers are, as normal, looking a little unhealthy.
  • Neil’s helping out Marjorie with her roses. She asks him if he’s able to do this regularly, he ummms and ahs for a bit and they strike a deal that says he will try to find half a day a week but that (better paid) farm work, should he get any, will get priority.