Slap and tickle.

Radio Times: Slap and tickle.

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  • Peggy tells Pat about Tommy and Hayley’s approach – and Pat’s not happy, explaining to Peggy that while she (and Tony and Helen) can recognise that the sausages are a good idea, it just isn’t the right time – and it certainly isn’t the right time for them to be setting out under a different banner. Peggy understands that they’d rather that everything emminating from Bridge Farm does so with the same name. Pat is disappointed in Tommy, but more so with Hayley.
  • Eddie’s doing hedging at Home Farm but is having to stop for a while because Phoebe is asleep and he can’t do a bit of hedge near the cottage. He wanders whether Brian has any ploughing that needs doing, but no, Mike’s got there first.
  • Carl Swift is not endearing himself to anyone it seems. George is feeling left out, that Carl’s ignoring his advice, he wouldn’t mind but he doesn’t think that Carl’s doing a particularly good job. He poo-poos Jack’s observation that he doesn’t want to let go, adamant that he’d willingly let go if he thought that the good reputation of their shoot wasn’t in grave danger. Caroline, meanwhile, is unhappy at Carl because he’s trying to get to know as many of the Grey Gables female staff (herself included) as possible – Trudy is floods of tears! Even Peggy took acception to his calling her “Peg” and then apologising by putting his arm around her!