Tossed and turned.

Radio Times: Tossed and turned.

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  • Shula and Alistair are lunching together, with Alistair being sympathetic to the immiment anniversary visit to Mark’s grave.
  • Janet calls to finalise some details relating to tonight’s pancake race in the village hall – she’s off to see the new doctor to see if he’s got a problem with her continuing to have a counselling room in the surgery. In the end she was worrying over nothing – he thinks it’s a great idea.
  • Susan’s been playing word association with Julia too – but the writer’s block continues, but it pays – as she moans to Clarrie about the sum Mike paid Neil. She’s already moaned to an unsympathetic Betty. Clarrie’s concerned about the state of Bridge Farm, Pat’s mind is still obviously elsewhere.
  • Daniel is still playing up – with neither Shula nor Alistair’s patience showing signs of lasting the pace.