Hammer and tongs.

Radio Times: Hammer and tongs.

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  • Julia’s suffering from writer’s block and is demanding to play word association with anyone who’ll listen – and Nigel and Lizzie have taken to hiding in with Ellie-May and Joseph because Julia won’t go there!
  • Good news for Lower Loxley, the grants people are offering them the highest amount they can, it’s only £s;15,000 – but it’s a start. Lizzie has also found an artist that she likes and who is willing to provide 27 canvasses for their forthcoming exhibition and the commission could be a bit more cash.
  • As they’re moving their ewes down in preperation for lambing, Brookfield is waiting for the results of the last TB test and hoping it will be the last – if it is, then their movement restrictions could be lifted on Thursday and they could have some cattle at Friday’s market, which would be a reduction in workload as well as a bit of cashflow. Meanwhile their B&B customers are being a little picky and Jill’s wondering about whether that’s worthwhile!
  • It’s Pip’s birthday on Wednesday and David’s a little surprised that his parents are buying her a present as well as paying for the party, but they all agree that, with it being the anniversary of Mark’s death, that they should give Shula some space.
  • Neil is furious with Mike. After waiting so long to get paid, Mike hands over a measly £s;200. He defends himself by saying that it was he who got them the work, but Neil is not happy with the rate and promises to never work with him again.