Signed and sealed.

Radio Times: Signed and sealed.

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  • The Grundy parents are trying to get the attention of William as Eddie is concerned he is churning up the bank with his dirt-bike and Clarrie is worried that he is riding too close to the river. When he finally does stop riding to talk to them William is very unreceptive and wants to be left alone and not listen to them about how “times have changed” and how he needs qualifications. He is adamant that he wants to leave school and become a keeper and is off to help Carl with the pens. In addition to stress with William, Clarrie is worried about the atmosphere at Home Farm which is causing the dairy deliveries to be late, Grey Gables may understand but Underwoods won’t. Clarrie is too tired to go on a romantic Valentine’s Day walk with Eddie to see the Snowdrops, so Eddie walks her back to the house and even offers to cook dinner (a fry up!).
  • Hayley’s at Bridge Farm helping Tommy with the pigs. Pat and Tony are driving Helen back to College and Tommy is looking forward to some peace while Helen’s away. Peggy turns up to say goodbye to Helen but is disappointed to find they have already left. She is escaping from Grey Gables and the trouble Carl is causing – being rude to the men and flirting with all the women – including Caroline. Peggy welcomes Hayley back to the village and says how the village hasn’t been the same without her. Hayley, who is enjoying her first weekend at Nightingale Cottage, is very touched.
  • Tommy talks to Peggy about their sausage venture and the launch of “Ambridge Original Organic Sausages”, as Peggy praises the quality of their produce and reminisces about the poor quality of sausages in the war. Tommy asks Peggy for a 500 loan to launch the venture, implying that Pat and Tony have approved the business plan and so Peggy agrees.
  • William goes home for dinner as Carl is taking Trudy out for a Valentine’s lunch. Eddie turns up with Snowdrops for Clarrie and the prospect of his parents being sentimental sends William to his room to do his homework! Eddie wants to get on with the hedging at Brian’s and so Clarrie agrees to let him off his offer to cook dinner. As Eddie prepares to leave, the phone rings with a manure order which must be delivered that afternoon – somehow he will manage that and the hedging.
  • Tommy is having lunch at Hayley’s who is delighted that Peggy has agreed to provide them with investment. Hayley thinks they should formalise their partnership and so Tommy begins to write an agreement with the profit to be divided as follows…

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