Hayley’s independence day.

Radio Times: Hayley’s independence day.

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  • Tommy is still depressed over the decision about the sausages. However, as Hayley helps him with the porkers, she begins to persuade him that they could go ahead with the organic sausages without Pat & Tony’s backing – they don’t need any flashy designs, some computer clipart will do. Over a strategic planning meeting in the Bull later, they agree on a name (‘Original Organic Sausages’ – ‘Ambridge Originals’ for short). Hayley has calculated that they only need £500 to get started – Tommy is becoming decidedly enthusiastic – and they agree to ask Peggy for some financial help.
  • At Brookfield the cow has made a full recovery. The new regime of keeping the cows off the bedding for 1/2 hour after milking and regular changing of the straw seems to be the way forward. It’s a time for Phil, David & Ruth to apologise for rash statements made over the recent stressful period, and to agree to avoid false economies in future.
  • Neil still seems unable to get the kind of work he wants – he is shifting the manure at the Bull for a paltry £10 while Eddie is busy doing hedging work at Home Farm. Hayley suggests that he might like to do a similar job at Nightingale Farm for Mrs. Antrobus (where Eddie has also just dumped the manure) – he will be well rewarded, this time with tea and cakes! The good-natured Neil agrees to think about it.
  • Meanwhile, Neil has still had no money from Mike for the logs. Mike’s tractor work at Home Farm has meant he has not been able to get to the bank to cash the cheques and Neil has done most of the work! Mike agrees to bring Neil some cash from his milk round tomorrow!
  • David is finally parted from his beloved car, and Ruth tried to cheer him up by suggesting she cook a special meal with a bottle of (cheap) wine. Phil arrives with the good news that the results from the tests before Christmas have arrived, and have failed to confirm bovine TB. There is still a small chance of infection, but it looks as though they will be in the clear.

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