Charlie’s last day

Radio Times: Charlie’s last day

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  • George is exasperated with Carl, the new keeper, who won’t take any advice. Jack is impressed with the way George has encouraged William, but George has been told by Clarrie that William has been missing school and he will taking a firmer line in future.
  • Tony, Pat and Helen agree on the most popular new image – Helen will get her friend to do the full colour artwork now. Helen is still receiving the cold shoulder from Tommy, and she still has little time for Hayley. Helen thinks that Pat is not herself and is worried. Pat is in a difficult position between Helen and Hayley, and matters are made worse because they are all missing John.
  • At the shoot, Tony has received the ‘do as you’re told’ treatment from Carl and is not impressed. At the end of the day George thinks the results could have been a lot better if Carl had taken advice. Carl has also put Neil’s back up, and George persuades Jack to have a word with Carl before he upsets a paying customer.

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