Tony brokers a deal for the family firm. Susan brokers a family reconciliation.

Radio Times: There’s a family summit at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile Susan tries to make contact.

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  • Susan has been trying to get in touch with Kylie; she Clive’s daughter – as Neil points out again – so why isn’t he doing it. Susan won’t brook any argument on the point. She has a number for Sharon, Kylie’s mum, but when she rings it the reception is cool. Sharon won’t come to the funeral; she does, however, give Kylie’s number – at Lancaster University.
  • The family meeting at Bridge Farm promises to be a stormy one – without marketing expert Brenda, as Tom is quick to point out. Tom is adamant that re-branding is the answer and generously offers his successful ‘Tom Archer’ brand. Helen – absolutely – will not work under her brother’s brand: it’s got to be something appropriate to the whole family – ‘Henry’s’ for example. Pat and Tony are reluctant to give up on the ‘Bridge Farm’ brand. The temperature rises. Order! Order!
  • Tony has a compromise to suggest. He agrees that re-branding is necessary. That was a hard decision. But they have another brand already in place: ‘Ambridge Organics’ and that is acceptable to all.
  • Susan reports to Neil her conversations: Kylie, by contrast to her mother, was really nice, friendly, sad to hear the news and interested in the family; she is keen to come, even knowing that Clive will be there. That might be a bit awkward but it’s for Clive and his daughter to sort out.

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