Susan appears to be defending Clive again.

Radio Times: Jennifer receives a frosty welcome, while Alan offers support.

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  • Susan is still trying to sort things out at her mother’s and feeding her Dad. Even Susan thinks Pat and Tony should be thinking about re-branding. Alan visits her to talk about the funeral. They manage to choose four hymns. She has to tell him that Clive will be there and Alan reassures her that he will be very welcome. Alan is being pestered for him to take part in her Christmas concert. Alan sounds as if he might be interested.
  • Jennifer is still dreading going to see Tony but isn’t getting any sympathy from Brian. He’s got more important things – the problem for the market site at least. And he still hasn’t sorted out Adam. Adam has produced the figures but Brian is still determined to press ahead, at least to the next stage.
  • Tony is still whining about Tom, suggesting that he doesn’t care about the farm. Neil suggests to him that maybe the brand is tainted but Tony won’t have anything of it. He wouldn’t mind so much if Tom was basing it on evidence but he is just going on a gut reaction. Neil points out that Bridge Farm sales aren’t picking up whereas Tom Archer sausages are going a storm. Tony thinks he is siding with Tom but Neil just says he wants to see Bridge Farm up and running again.
  • Jennifer does go round to see Tony and he takes the opportunity to be snide – both about the farm and about Peggy’s birthday. But he does say he will turn up for the sake of Peggy but that’s all.
  • Susan does try to convince Neil that Clive is being helpful and trying to stay out of trouble. But Neil isn’t so sure. He is never going to change. But Susan leaps to defend him – at least he is giving her some help and support which is more than you can say for the rest of them.

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