Roy agrees to be William’s best man and Clarrie is going to make the cake.

Radio Times: Roy receives a job offer. Meanwhile, David and Ruth ponder the future.

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  • Ruth is worrying about the little amount of money they are making on the dairy herd – it’s their main enterprise and they are making next to nothing. Maybe they should change their contract to a direct supply one. Though David thinks it might be hard to get. But maybe she is right. Pip certainly thinks it’s the way to go – she thinks it’s easy. One idea David has had though, is to improve the number of species in the pasture to make them more drought resistant.
  • Will is off to see Roy to see if will be his best man again. Clarrie is very interested to hear all about the plans. Nic will go down the aisle with Jake and Mia with Helen as the other bridesmaid and George will be the ring bearer with Will. They have already picked their music (no clue what the first two things were but going out to Handel). Clarrie offers to make the wedding cake as their present and is thrilled when Nic asks her to go and look at wedding dresses with her.
  • Roy, amazingly, has the day off on New Year’s Day and is thrilled to be asked (what has happened to the famous Lower Loxley New Year Ball?). It will be a pleasure. They go to have a celebratory drink at The Bull and David joins them for a pint. The celebrations are a bit dampened when they see Clive is in The Bull with Gary but he won’t have any reason to be around after the funeral – and if he is there may be a few people who want to persuade him otherwise.

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