Ed is worrying about his next TB tests. Tom’s pigs appear to have gone viral!

Radio Times: Tom cannot believe his luck and Ed deals with a crisis.

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  • Ed is getting anxious about his upcoming TB tests but Oliver is convinced they will be fine. It’s a worry but what more can they do. Then he gets a call to hear that his young stock have got out onto the road. Ed is interested in seeing if they could join a pilot for badger vaccination. Oliver says he will talk to David about the NFU view but Ed points out that David is no friend of the badger.
  • Kenton increases his order for sausages from Tom and his tame food writer has Tweeted about the Piggy Football. Looks like things are going well. But then he gets a call to run to Ed to help. The cows are got back in but Ed is convinced that someone has deliberately let them out.
  • Susan and Clive have a difficult conversation. Clive turns up to take his dad out for a drink but then complains that no one has talked to him about the funeral and no one has invited Kylie. Susan says that contacting Kylie should be up to him but he says he can’t so that’s another task delegated to Susan. And then he wants Susan cooking for him too.
  • Brenda is still furious that she is being excluded from the farm meeting but Tom promises he will make sure her views are heard. Both of them scoff at the idea of marketing everything under Henry’s name. But while they are talking, Tom connects to the internet to find that the website has had 23,000 hits – the piggy football has gone viral!

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