Ivy’s funeral is booked for Thursday. There is another problem at the market site.

Radio Times: Neil steps in to help. Meanwhile, Emma has a difficult conversation.

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  • Susan is worrying about how her Dad and Gary will manage now her mother is dead. She isn’t sleeping. Neil says she did well but there is so much to do and she is being left to do everything. When they get to Ivy’s house, Emma has been doing some cleaning. She is worried about how to explain what has happened to George. They fix the funeral for Thursday – a service of Thanksgiving.
  • The first shoot of the season looks to go well. Matt can’t resist getting a few digs in about the market but he tips Will well. Then just as he leaves Brian gets a call from the site to say there is a problem with the electrics. Jennifer meanwhile has been arranging Peggy’s lunch but has been avoiding asking Pat and Tony. Brian tells her just to get on with it.
  • Emma tells George the Ivy has died and won’t be coming back. He then wonders if Emma is going to die but she tells him not for a very long time and they will always remember her.

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