Ivy Horrobin dies and a Farm Meeting is arranged at Bridge Farm – without Brenda.

Radio Times: Shocking news arrives for the Carter family, and Tom wins a partial victory.

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  • Nic has heard from Caroline that she and Oliver are giving them the room and flowers at no charge and the champagne for the toast as a wedding gift. Will says he hopes Nic remembered to thank Caroline, obviously not something Nic could have thought of herself!
  • Tom is getting ready for National Sausage Week in the shop when Susan gets a phone call and has to dash straight off leaving Tom looking after the shop.
  • Neil is at Bridge Farm helping with the weaners when Pat comes out with the bad news that Ivy has died – during the morning in her sleep. It was pneumonia causing heart failure. Susan is having to get things under way; her Dad isn’t in any fit state. She’ll have to get everything clean and people are going to need feeding.
  • Pat and Tony agree to a farm meeting but Tony will only agree to have family there – no Brenda. But he’s not prepared to tell Tom that himself and leaves that to Pat. Tom is understandably furious; Brenda is the only marketing expertise they’ve got. And why is it not ’til Sunday? Sounds like more delaying tactics. The quicker they get things back on track the better the chance they have of saving the business.

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