Brian totally fails to get Adam onside and Peggy decides it will be a good time to have a big family lunch at Grey Gables for her birthday.

Radio Times: Adam speaks his mind and Peggy poses a dilemma for Jennifer.

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  • Brian makes a feeble attempt at getting Adam on side and Adam continues to whine about being left out and sidelined so Brian tells him he doesn’t care what he thinks, they are putting the proposals to the BL Board next week. Brian still thinks he’ll come round but Jennifer agrees with Debbie – it was his fault for not getting Adam on side earlier.
  • Adam then whines to Ian about how badly treated he is and how Brian should be grateful to him for telling them it’s a big mistake. Ian convinces Adam to go back to sort things out with Brian. It’s not just about the job, it’s about his inheritance!
  • Brian checks Will is ready for the first shoot of the season and seems quite relaxed that Will won’t be around for the New Year’s Day shoot. Even more oddly, he claims that he and Jennifer are really looking forward to coming to the wedding.
  • It’s Peggy’s birthday coming up and the one thing she wants is a big lunch at Grey Gables where everyone can come together and play happy families. What could be nicer?
  • Adam comes back and at first it appears to go well with Brian saying he is prepared to look at figures if Adam wants to produce some on the impact of the loss of diversity at the farm. But when Brian makes it clear it doesn’t really matter what his figures are, they are putting the proposal to the board anyway so Adam storms out again.
  • Jennifer tries to convince Brian to reach a compromise but Brian is not to be moved, he isn’t going to let Adam stand in his way, it’s too important for that.

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