Debbie pushes her case. Adam will not be pushed.

Radio Times: Helen faces family friction and Debbie makes a suggestion.

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  • Adam gets a call from Debbie. She and Martin have spent hours on figures for the dairy proposal, but they need to know that Adam is with them. Adam tells her he still has philosophical objections, but Debbie tries hard to push him into agreeing.
  • As Ian waits for Helen and Henry, he is waylaid by Lynda, full of the latest news on her Christmas show. Ian does his best to sound interested, but fails. Not only does Lynda have Elona’s daughter in her cast; Molly and Tilly Button will be performing a Thai Coconut dance and Angela Probert’s dance troupe will add to the splendour of the performance. Just as Lynda sounds him out about a possible African item from Adam, Ian is finally rescued by Helen.
  • Debbie adopts steamroller tactics with Adam, pressing her case relentlessly. She comes up with a trump card; Adam could have another 100 acres for his interests. Adam is unconvinced. He fears they would have little say with BL.
  • Helen tells Ian all about Bridge Farm and Tom’s re-branding campaign. She admits she can see both sides of the argument, but has reservations about the name Tom Archer. Why not call yoghurt and ice-cream after Henry? says Ian.
  • Devious Debbie relays her conversation with Adam to Brian. She tells him he must speak to Adam and win him round. Brian seems to have little choice.

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