Usha agrees to join Alan for Christmas supper. Betty has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital.

Radio Times: Betty has a close call.

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  • Betty is certainly having a mammoth Christmas bake in – mince pies, brandy snaps, stollen. A lot to do. And there is so much to fit in. She’s really too busy to do it all.
  • Amy is really surprised he hasn’t already asked Usha to join them for Christmas supper so she sends him round to invite her right away. Usha is very pleased to join in.
  • Mike finds Betty out in the cold with pains in her chest. She thought it was heart burn but when the paramedics come, they confirm she is having a heart attack. She’s been having twinges for a while. They diagnose her in the ambulance and start some treatment. But she is convinced she is going to die.

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