Caroline hears Jack is selling Grey Gables. Betty seems to be on the mend but is still fretting.

Radio Times: Changes are afoot for Caroline.

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  • David and Ruth are worried Lynda might be trying to do too much – especially with Lilian fighting her corner. They haven’t yet heard about Betty’s heart attack.
  • Betty seems to be making a good recovery. The Doctors say it could have been a lot worse. Betty is really pleased to see Brenda but she is pretty upset even though Betty says she will be alright. Mike explains the hospital had found out her blood pressure was far too high. But they had had no idea anything was wrong. Mike isn’t going to let her go back to work. Roy tries to explain that isn’t what Betty would want but Mike is blaming himself. He really couldn’t manage without his other half.
  • Peggy had told Caroline Jack is going to sell Grey Gables. She understands why they are selling but it’s still very upsetting. She’s not sure if she wants to stay on or even if the new owners would want to keep her. Ian would certainly leave if one of the big chains bought it. And Caroline wouldn’t want to stay with a corporate makeover. Unfortunately their joint piggy banks aren’t big enough to buy it themselves.

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