Oliver is very interested in commercial property prices in Borsetshire. Emma has got some work in the shop.

Radio Times: Lilian cramps Matt’s style.

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  • Ed wants Oliver to do some work with him but Oliver is busy doing other things. He obviously very bothered about the sale of Grey Gables.
  • Susan has arranged for Emma to work a few hours in the shop. There is a limit what she and Peggy can do without Betty. Emma is pleased to be doing something – but terrible that it is after what has happened to Betty. Mike says she’s making a good recovery, she might be home in a couple of days but she may never go back to the shop. Emma warns Susan about doing so much herself but she is doing better now that Sophia has started at the Laurels. But things aren’t all sweetness and light when Neil refuses to have Ed on Christmas day. She won’t have their first Christmas apart. Emma won’t have them separated – and she certainly won’t let Will have George for Christmas day. So what if it’s the three of them against the world.
  • Matt is unimpressed with Lilian’s short list for his PA. Nor does he believe a word about why she’s just “dropped in” at his office. But Lilian seems quite pleased with the results. She’s also impressed with the number of people from Grange Spinney who turn up at her “Open House” but Matt doubts it’s local politics they are interested in. Oliver certainly uses the chance to ask Matt about commercial property prices in Borsetshire.

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