William is determined to have George for Christmas day.

Radio Times: Clarrie tries to keep the peace.

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  • Clarrie and Joe are doing the annual turkey pluck. William took time off to help as well but it’s not a nice job. William is not going to let her get away with not letting him see George at Christmas. But he’s still going to pay up – that money is for George. He’s determined to get George one way or another and Clarrie says she will try to sort something out with Emma.
  • Betty is out of the cardiac unit now so she can have more visits. She’s determined to take better care of herself in future. She’s not ready to go yet. And she wants to spend more time with Mike – maybe a proper holiday, a cruise to Greece perhaps
  • Amy is giving Usha ideas for Alan’s Christmas present. No socks but a woolly hat would be useful! But it looks like Amy and Alan’s duet is going to be a showstopper.
  • Clarrie despairs of ever getting Emma and William to see eye to eye. Joe is being supportive but she still worries that Eddie has practically disowned Ed. The Tucker family is pulling together while they are having a crisis, but it looks as if the Grundy family is falling apart.

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