Vicky is lost for words. Kathy doesn’t know what to say. Jamie refuses to hear any more.

Radio Times: Kathy handles a tricky phone call, and Tom is economical with the truth.

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  • Vicky’s taking a turn behind the counter at the community shop, and rivals Susan with her love of gossip. She tries to engage Josh in conversation over the number of energy drinks he’s buying, but gets nowhere. When Josh tells Jamie about working out, Jamie asks who he’s trying to impress.
  • Kathy still won’t leave Jamie alone. She treats him to another lecture on responsible internet use, but gets an understandably surly response. Then she tells him she’s going to tell Jackie Osborne about the photo on Jaxx site, and that certainly elicits a response.
  • Brenda moans to Tom about the way Lilian is treating her. Matt sent her to look at a property; Lilian used it as an excuse to make Brenda do her shopping. But moans about Amside Property Holdings are cast aside as Vicky sweeps in, full of the news that Tom has given up his veal and ham pie idea. Tom deals a master-stroke, however, telling Vicky that the reason was an ethical one; it was her idea so he couldn’t possibly steal it. For once Vicky is lost for words.
  • Self-righteous Kathy phones Jackie Osborne, but doesn’t get the response she expected at all. Far from being appalled, Jackie finds the whole thing amusing, and just laughs it off.
  • Unable to share Jackie’s view of the drunken night at Jaxx, Kathy returns to nagging Jamie. This time she goes too far, and Jamie erupts in anger. Just leave me alone, he shouts.

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