Wayne prepares for his stint as chef. Jazzer’s preparations fall flat.

Radio Times: Cupid’s arrow misses the mark at The Bull.

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  • Wayne is at The Bull for a handover from Freda; he will be deputising as chef at Christmas with Fallon as his assistant.
  • As they wave goodbye to Caz, Justin and Oscar, Lynda wonders what they are going to do with themselves over Christmas in this suddenly empty house. Robert has the answer: they are going to Paris – which is why they have to go to Lower Loxley today. How thoughtful of Robert. Caz left another present to thank Lynda for being like a real mother to her.
  • There is really nothing to it; that’s Wayne’s verdict. All the complication is in Freda’s head. Don’t worry, he won’t change anything – well, hardly anything.
  • At Lower Loxley, Vicky admires Lynda’s Oscar earrings, to say nothing of the trip to Paris; she will have to drop a few hints.
  • Jolene is puzzled by all the bread in the kitchen and Wayne explains that it is going stale for breadcrumbs to make stuffing. Freda uses the ready-made stuff but that is one of Wayne’s changes. They won’t run short of bread because he will make some. When Robert explains their plans, Jolene immediately understands why Lynda is not in the pub with him – she is washing all the clothes she needs for Paris; that’s the drawback with surprises.
  • A stretched limo has just pulled into The Bull car park and from it emerges a sight new to Ambridge – Jazzer in a DJ. He is somewhat disappointed to find that Fallon is out but claims he is driving the limo for a friend and just called to offer Fallon a spin in it. However, Wayne saw him emerge from the back, while the driver stayed in the car. What, they wonder, is that all about?

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