Will decides to report the poisoning to the police after all. Matt is less than impressed.

Radio Times: Brian suspects the worst for Will.

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  • Adam is getting ready for the strawberry pickers again. And the T-Rex maze is about to be built. It’s a busy time of year. The contract has finally gone off for signature. It’s nice to win a battle for a change.
  • Ruth and David are also busy getting ready for their open day but hard to tell whether Tom will help out now Tony has put his back out again. Ruth is determined to start back with the milking though and all goes well.
  • Will owns up that he buried the buzzard. Brian is horrified but says Will must call the police. He’ll try and sort out Matt. Meanwhile it might be an idea to check deeper into Malcolm’s background.
  • The police come to collect the bird and Will thinks it’s obvious they don’t believe him. He can’t find anything wrong about Malcolm. He’ll have to keep a much closer check on the estate.
  • Matt is convinced Will is guilty. He thinks Brian should get rid of Will but with a lot of persuasion Brian persuades Matt to let him have another chance. But Matt wants the mess tidied up soon or Will will know what to expect.

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