Tony’s back is no better and Kathy is preparing for the sentence.

Radio Times: Kathy prepares for the sentencing.

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  • Tony is wallowing a bit in his bad back. Pat is having to take the brunt of it with Tom away with his burger van. She isn’t impressed with Tony’s back seat milking.
  • Lower Loxley wine finally gets Regional Status. Nigel is thrilled. Kathy suggests one of her colleagues – Lorna – to take over from her when she leaves. Elizabeth will give it some thought. Kathy won’t be in in the morning. She has to be in Bournemouth for the sentence.
  • Pat and Susan are commiserating about Matt’s involvement with the digester so Pat takes the opportunity to try to get Susan involved in the transition community on a committee. But she thinks it is likely to be a whole lot of effort for nothing. Maybe Susan will have another chat though – she is after all a very open minded person.
  • Susan takes the opportunity of David being in the shop to gossip about another bird being poisoned. Mind you, Susan would never spread rumours without knowing the facts!

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