Taylor gets 15 years with a minimum term or 7 years, 6 months.

Radio Times: Old wounds open for Ed.

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  • Clarrie is furious with Eddie about telling Will to bury the bird. He tries to blame Will for owning up to Brian but Clarrie is having nothing to do with it. Eddie is a fool. Meantime, Eddie thinks they should copy the Brookfield Open Day in their field but Clarrie isn’t having anything of it.
  • Kathy is getting very upset about the sentencing. Kenton tries to convince her it’s just this one last hour and then they’ll never have to think about Taylor again. He is sentenced to 15 years with a minimum term of 7 years, 6 months. Kathy can’t believe it.
  • Ed ends up looking after George because Clarrie has to go to work. When Emma comes to pick him up she is a bit surprised. But she is pleased they are having fun. And she tries to remind Ed that they did have some good times in the caravan. But Ed doesn’t want to think about it anymore. It won’t do any good.

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