The article on Usha and Alan is published in the Echo and it seems Shula must be responsible. Eddie finds the poison in Malcolm’s car.

Radio Times: Eddie’s hard work pays dividends.

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  • Alan is thinking of playing in the Single Wicket contest if Alistair can get it sorted out. All is very convivial until Usha turns up with a copy of this week’s Echo. Neither of them can believe it. Who could possibly have said all these things? Alan admits that the only person he could think about who knew about the anonymous letter was Shula. Usha is all for going round and confronting her but Alan persuades her to let him do it.
  • Eddie has been working out on finding information about the poison birds but as soon as he mentions it to Ed he leaves – and he won’t take George’s wellingtons back to Emma either. And he certainly doesn’t want to play Happy Families for Clarrie’s birthday on Sunday.
  • Shula is very upset about the article in the Echo, it’s very hard on her, she is going to suffer so much and she didn’t say anything to the reporter after all. Even Alistair thinks there may have been a “Freudian slip” involved but she is very hurt by that suggestion. After a lot of “soul searching” she and Alistair think the best thing would not be to own up to Alan but to dump the Echo in the recycling bin and forget it.
  • Eddie tells Will he’s heard about some problems with Malcolm at a previous shoot he used to work at. Will won’t have anything of it and is furious when he finds Eddie searching Malcolm’s car. But there it is: all the poison kit in the boot. No question about it.

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