Malcolm admits the poisoning but after a serious warning, Matt lets Will keep his job. Shula is forced to tell Alan she was part of the leak to the Echo.

Radio Times: Shula atones for her sins.

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  • Usha is still devastated about the Borchester Echo report. She doesn’t let on to Ruth that Shula is a main suspect. She is very grateful for Ruth’s support. And at least Rachel is on their side.
  • Will tells Brian about finding the poison in Malcolm’s car and that Malcolm has now admitted he was responsible for the poisoning. He didn’t even try to deny it, said they had to keep the buzzards under control somehow. Now Will feels guilty for trusting Malcolm and Brian insists he should report it to the police. Again Brian offers to deal with Matt.
  • Shula confesses to Alan that it was her fault and he is really hurt that she didn’t tell him as soon as she knew. He says he doesn’t doubt that she didn’t mean to do it but it is still going to cause problems. Stuff like that sticks. The damage is done.
  • Matt gives Will a hard time about Malcolm and implies he wants to accept Will’s recognition but then says they have decided not to press for that right now. Will needs to consider himself on probation, next time he’ll be out so fast his feet won’t touch the ground.
  • Usha isn’t so forgiving of Shula but Alan persuades her they have to move on. It’s hard to know how things will be now – this will have brought everything out in the open so they’ll find out on Sunday morning.

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