Will feels sidelined. Oliver feels helpless. Usha feels happier.

Radio Times: Brian asserts his authority with Will.

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  • Will’s delight at being on the interviewing panel for a new under-keeper is short-lived; Brian has made his mind up, and sidelines Will totally. Will just has to put a brave face on it and go along with Brian’s choice.
  • Usha’s made a decision, too. She wants them to have a Hindu ceremony as well as a Christian one, to keep her family happy. Alan’s all for it, so they can tell Dr. Gupta the good news before he leaves for home.
  • The ongoing TB situation has caused Oliver to feel very low. Customers have reacted negatively to the trial Sterling Silver cheese. Even Eddie can’t find much good to say, except that its manufacture will keep Ed in a job. Helen tries to cheer Oliver up by inviting him to Ruth’s birthday party. Apparently everyone in Ambridge will be there, which will be news to the Brookfield clan.
  • Will has a drink with Eddie, and tells him about Brian’s attitude; it feels as though no-one trusts him any more. First it was Nic, then the Red Kite. Eddie tells Will what a good father he is to George, but Will’s not convinced.
  • Usha tells her father about the new wedding plans, and it looks as though he is gradually thawing towards Alan. He tells Alan that he has many good qualities, and will make a good son-in-law, and even apologises for his earlier behaviour. Alan hopes they will see more of one another from now on.

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