Brian confronts some painful memories. Lilian makes plans for Matt.

Radio Times: Sad memories are stirred up in Ireland.

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  • Lilian gets an earful from Peggy about Matt’s business dealings, and she’s glad when it’s time to escape to Jennifer’s for lunch. Peggy just can’t see that Matt is impervious to argument and to the village petition when it comes to making money.
  • Brian and Ruairidh arrive in Dublin for the headstone dedication. The priest recognises Ruairidh, who was brought to Mass by Bridget and Niamh. At the airport, later, Ruairidh is very quiet, and says he needs to think on his own. Brian knows just how he feels.
  • Lilian is sympathetic to Jennifer, who is upset about Brian and Ruairidh’s visit. She feels that Siobhán is never going to get out of their lives. Peggy and Jack enjoy their lunch until Jack spills his coffee and becomes very upset and they have to go home.
  • Jennifer wonders whether Matt is actually jealous of Lilian’s large family. She and Lilian look online for details of Matt’s family, and are successful. Lilian is thrilled, and starts planning a big family party.
  • When Matt gets home, Lilian can’t wait to tell him what she’s discovered. Matt tries in vain to calm her down. Eventually he seizes a moment’s silence, and tells her it’s no use; he was adopted, so they are not his family at all.

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