Jennifer refuses to hear anything about Siobhán. Matt refuses to hear anything about his adoption,

Radio Times: Lilian learns the truth about Matt.

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  • Lilian insists on pursuing the subject of Matt’s adoption, though he can’t see what the fuss it about. He left home at 17 of his own accord, to make his way in the world, and that’s that.
  • Brian is concerned about Ruairidh’s reaction to events in Dublin. Bridget commented that he seemed very settled and happy, but Jennifer doesn’t want to hear this – she doesn’t want to hear anything to do with Siobhán.
  • As Jill puts the finishing touches to Ruth’s birthday cake, David comments that what was to be a quiet evening with just him and the children has now turned into all his siblings plus their partners and children – and a visit from Usha and Bert. He hopes Elizabeth, Shula and Kenton will bring a bottle and eat before they come. Little does he know that most of Ambridge is also coming and is expecting the works …
  • The boys’ night at Glebe Cottage has come to Jill’s notice, thanks to Kenton, who admitted to laving his underwear there. As she shows Jennifer her replacement cardigan, Jill tells her that Phil really can’t cope without her.
  • Lilian buys an extra special lunch for Matt, who is now becoming exasperated. He tells her that he wishes he’d never told her he was adopted. She needs to find something else to occupy her.
  • Brian calls on David to pour out his feelings about the service in Dublin. When he saw the headstone and its inscription, he couldn’t bear to think it was Siobhán lying beneath it.

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