Ruth’s ‘quiet’ birthday party seems destined to break all records.

Radio Times: Pip enters the world of party planning.

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  • Interest is mounting in Susan’s proposed swap club; Jennifer is working on an interactive web page and is prevailed upon to give a demonstration to the meeting on Tuesday.
  • At Brookfield David is getting more worried by the minute: Ruth has asked for a quiet family birthday and Pip admits to having put the word around. Lynda and Caroline have already brought food on an industrial scale because they cannot come until later – though Robert and Oliver will be there at the start! Jill discourages David from making a list; it might frighten him; she’s not joking! They just hope that Ruth will be touched by her daughter’s efforts.
  • Lilian confides in her sister about Matt’s reaction to her researches of his family background and she lets Jennifer into the secret (in strict confidence, of course – and she particularly mustn’t tell Brian) about Matt’s adoption. Lilian feels that Matt is hiding a lot of hurt but Jennifer thinks she should not continue to explore his roots unless he wants to.
  • As she agrees to Susan’s request to give a talk on hens, Jill discovers that David’s fears are fully justified: not only has Pip invited Susan and family to Ruth’s party but she also asked Susan to spread the word. She has told everyone!

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