Ruth enjoys her surprise party.

Radio Times: Ruth’s quiet night goes awry.

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  • The wedding plans are coming together, though there is still no word from Pa. Alan has chosen his Best Man and plans to ask him at the party.
  • Ruth is stuck in traffic and is not happy about it; Pip, on the other hand, thinks this is perfect as it will allow all the guests to arrive first.
  • Brookfield is heaving but Alan manages to take Neil aside. Left with Usha, Susan succeeds in putting her foot in it and Usha, who pleads innocence about why Alan is talking to Neil, teases her with the idea that the Hindu ceremony might also be in Ambridge.
  • On the phone, Ruth is in such a bad mood; her mum had got on her nerves before the traffic problems. Will she see the funny side of this big party? She is led in, eyes closed, by Pip and – she loves it.
  • When Susan hears the news about Neil being Alan’s Best Man, she is horrified but Neil puts her in her place; it is an honour and he is pleased to do it, also quite relieved that he has no role in the Hindu ceremony – in Wolverhampton.
  • Pip is not slow to point out that her dad worried needlessly. He admits to having invited family and Pip subsequently discovered that most of the village wanted to come too. Ruth decides she is a very lucky woman; maybe the next 40 years will not be so bad.

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