Usha’s family problems head for resolution. Will won’t listen to Emma about theirs.

Radio Times: Attack is the best form of defence for Will.

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  • Pat is going to look at an alternative packhouse, though without much hope that it would be suitable. Clarrie has had a call from Emma who is worried about George’s behaviour; Clarrie agrees with Emma that it is Will’s fault.
  • Meanwhile, out in the woods, Emma has called on William at work to tackle him on the subject. What he is doing, giving in to George all the time, is not good for him: he is difficult and demanding and believes he can do anything; he throws a tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way.
  • It’s Usha’s birthday today but there is not even a card from her parents. There is one from her brother and from Auntie Satya, even one from Mabel, though it does not signal a change of heart.
  • Will’s response is to shout at Emma: he claims she is jealous that he can afford to give George treats. She accuses him of buying George’s love. They have to work it out together! William walks away.
  • Usha is delighted to receive a surprise visit from her Pa, who urges Alan to call him Deepak. He brings cards, including one from Ma who, he thinks, is coming round: she just wants Usha to be happy. Satya has booked the caterers and the venue and the printers – she just needs a guest list. Now that the most important guests are coming, Usha has enthusiasm for this. It is her nicest birthday ever.
  • Pat’s mission was in vain – the property was too big, too expensive and too far away. Adam has suggested their old machine shed which they will look at. Meanwhile Emma has reported to Clarrie about Will’s negative response. She wants Clarrie to have a go.

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